Provisions & Board
Carlton Landing, Oklahoma

Welcome to
The Meeting House

Carlton Landing, OK

This is a place where community happens. In the morning, we are a coffee shop that also serves delicious breakfast to start your day off right. By lunchtime you’ll be enjoying our amazing sandwiches and favorite food trucks. Spend your afternoons with us as well (after all, your favorite team is playing and they look amazing on our 85 inch TVs).

Kids love The Meeting House too, and they keep us busy making hand-crafted milkshakes all day long!

Things get even more exciting at night (we frequently have some type of event or concert planned). We also have 3 beautiful and cozy hotel suites upstairs, so you can even make it a sleepover! And don’t forget to pick out your favorite Meeting House or Carlton Landing T-shirts before you leave.

One thing is for sureā€¦ you WILL make new friends here and we can’t wait to hang out with you!

Our Hours

Mon-Tues: 8am-2pm

Wed-Thurs: 8am-9pm

Fri-Sat: 8am-10pm

Sunday 8am-2pm (but we close for church 9:45-11:15)

About Us

A hotel, coffee shop, and generally awesome venue that serves luscious food, craft beer, amazing wine, and yummy adult beverages! Come join us in the fun, make new friends, or just laugh with old ones!

Live. And Live Well.